Pharmaceutical Waste








We offer a collection and disposal service for ‘out of date medicines’ and ‘medicine returns'(18.01.09)

We can supply various size containers such as;

  • 5-litre Blue lid container
  • 11-litre Blue lid container
  • 22-litre blue lid container
  • 30-litre Theatre units
  • 60-litre Theatre units

We also collect and dispose of ‘cytotoxic’ and ‘cytostatic waste’ (18.01.08)








Cytotoxic and Cytostatic Waste are to be placed in purple lid containers


Controlled Drug Kits







These are also none as ‘Doom Kits’, ‘Denaturing Kits’ & ‘Destruction Kits’

We can supply these in various sizes such as;

  • 250ml
  • 500ml
  • 1-litre
  • 2-litre

A critical safety issue is the disposal of pharmaceutical waste such as prescription drugs and medicines that are out of date. TC Bibby’s offer an effective system to guarantee the safe disposal of pharmaceutical and out of date prescription drugs and medicines, meeting all legislative requirements.